EOS betting platform pays $600k to a single user in 36 hours

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September 13, 2018 by
EOS betting platform pays $600k to a single user in 36 hours

An EOS-based betting platform paid $600,000 to one user in less than 2 days. The casino player won the quantity on EOSBet, a trustless and also instant gambling system on the EOS blockchain.

The user consistently increased the money by banking on blockchain dice. Inning accordance with a record by TheNextWeb, the EOSBet pocketbook sent out over 126,000 EOS to this certain user. Since it seemed suspicious, EOSBet made clear on its website that the platform had actually not been hacked. The system stated that all payments to the claimed account were legitimate as well as pointed out that it was simply pure luck.

Uncertainties pertaining to the payouts just appear all-natural a day after DEOSGames, another EOS-based wagering platform, was attacked. In less than an hour, the platform reportedly paid 24 times in a row to one person. Reports recommend, regardless of depositing only 339 tokens, the account “runningsnail” managed to get greater than 4,728 EOS (approx. $23,640). Interestingly, the account was created simply a day prior to the funds were sent for betting.

This is not an isolated occurrence. A couple of weeks back, a similar case was noted in EOSBet.io. At the time, the betting dApp was required offline, and one more critical problem in the blockchain was located by the scientists. The expanding hacking trouble has resulted in the rise in pest bounty programs, targeted at discovering technicalities on the blockchain.

These pest bounty programs welcome hackers to locate vulnerabilities on the blockchain, for which they will certainly receive a benefit. Apparently, this year witnessed cryptocurrencies worth $761 million shed to hacking and also burglary. EOS reportedly holds the list of a lot of number of pest bounty programs, inning accordance with an additional TheNextWeb record. The team behind the crypto has actually spent around $417,000 on benefits for bug bounty programs and has boosted its reward from $300 to $2100 this year.

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