Roger Ver releases video without permission on a Bitcoin (BTC) & Bitcoin Cash debate

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September 8, 2018 by
Roger Ver releases video without permission on a Bitcoin (BTC) & Bitcoin Cash debate

Among the greatest advocates of Bitcoin Cash (BCH),, Roger Ver published a video without consent on a discussion with Bitcoin Core & blockstream supporters. Throughout the Huobi Carnival in Korea, two members from the Bitcoin Core area were assailed by Ver and also his video camera team to surprise meeting them.

They were discussing censorship, freedom of expression as well as other relevant subjects at the time when Ver approached them. Ver fired some unscripted inquiries at Ruben Somsen. Ver asked him if it is right to censor outside Bitcoin neighborhood members. Addressing that, Somsen claimed that Bitcoin Money as well as Bitcoin Core areas point of views are conflictual. As a result, he believes that small amounts is needed in such groups. Nonetheless, Somsen also mentions that small amounts does not indicate its against freedom of expression.

He added, “I assume it excels if we have numerous places that permit different opinions and different sights in different locations since Bitcoin cash remaining in conflicts with that of people that are in favor of the Bitcoin Core … So if you place those neighborhoods together, that’s type of terrible right? There’s going to be a lot of combating as well as there seem to be some fundamental arguments that to me seems like it’s best you simply divided them up as well as have r/BTC, r/Bitcoin and also I believe that’s an excellent remedy.”
After a hefty discussion on the topic, Ver went on to discuss the initial Bitcoin whitepaper put together by Satoshi Nakamoto. Referring to which Ver asked if the whitepaper titled ‘a peer-to-peer electronic cash system’ stands for Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Somsen addressed it saying that it is pointless and also in addition, he claimed that the description of the whitepaper is technically impossible or a minimum of debatable, therefore, to diverge from the literal phrasings of the whitepaper makes sense.

Without any warmed disagreement, discussions took place for quite some time. In the end, Somsen requested Ver to show him the footage prior to uploading it but he directly refuted it. Actually, Ver did publish the video online.

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